Sunday, 12 February 2017

Blood Angels - Knights of Blood - Finished

These really took me a long time to complete, all the details that make them amazing models are a pain when you are short of painting time.

Never the less I have them at a stage where I am happy.

As I have found out in all the previous attempts photographing them is even more difficult. Trying to get the red to look 'red' while showing off the rest of the model is proving impossible. It is a shame we can't figure this out because the models, in reality, look really good.

These are a second attempt at photographing them with different settings.

These are shots from my phone camera.

More "Blood for the Blood God" wait "for the Emperor!"


Sunday, 5 February 2017

Skeleton of a Beast - Terrain - Finished

I started to paint the piece by priming with  black primer followed by a brown which looks very red in the picture.

I then painted the entire piece with Graveyard Earth.

Followed by  a heavy dark brown wash.

This was too dark for me as it is meant to be a desert theme so I repainted the Tallarn Sand and then painted the skeleton in Karak Stone.

Applied the wash again.

Then drybrushed the skeleton with Karak Stone again.

Followed by a drybrush of Bone.

Drybrushed the sand with Tallarn Sand to highlight and the skeleton with Skull White. Next was to add some detail with dead grass and all done.

Some pictures showing the Conan miniature for scale.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Skeleton of a Beast - Terrain - WIP

I found this glow in the dark skeleton of a dinosaur in a kids magazine as a promotional gift and purchased it with the idea of using it to make some terrain.

The model came in several parts and I plan to make two pieces of terrain with it, one a desert based type and the other will be a jungle scene.

I started with a base of hard board or MDF then primed the skeleton with black primer and then glued the skeleton onto it. I cut some of the bones off to make the pose a bit more realistic.

Once that was dry I applied quick drying gap filler, used for walls, to the base for the ground. Once dry I applied some PVA glue and a some sand.

Next up the painting.


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Blood Angels - Astorath Conversion - WIP

So it's been a few weeks since I have done any hobby and I am still working my way through the tactical squad. To change things up a bit I went through my bits box and came up with an Astorath Conversion.

It is mostly based on the Sanguinary Guard parts with the main feature being the high elf head.

The pictures aren't the best but they give you a good idea of what I am trying for.

Hopefully it wont take me an entire year to paint up.


Sunday, 11 December 2016

Blood Angels - Knights of Blood - WIP

Starting to paint the squad according to my existing scheme which is a black primer followed by my custom mix for the dark metal armour. For the red I am using  a base colour of Scab Red. The layer for the red is Mephiston Red then using Balor Brown and dark Brown for the ammo pouches and cloth areas. I will be painting the gemstones green.

These are pictures of the earlier stages.

Its been slow going but I am hoping to get them done soon.


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Blood Angels - Knights of Blood - WIP

I have been wanting to continue expanding my Blood Angels army for a long time now but like so many hobby projects this year, other things intervene.

This squad is armed for close combat with mostly chain-sword and bolt pistols, I have also included some heavier weapons like Plamsa Gun, Melta Gun and Flamer but nothing that should inhibit movement. I have used backpacks but could swap out for Jump Packs if needed.

The other part of this squad I have worked on creating is the individual poses. To make the squad unique I have created a shoulder-pad press mould shield and blood drop icon out of greenstuff for the Knights of Blood  symbol , unfortunately I was not good enough to do the swords as well. The sergeant is a model from the Assault on Blackreach set, one of my favourites, with a right arm swap and boltgun  swap. Some of the other poses are a space marine throwing a hand grenade, another favourite pose, as well as a marine looking at an auspix. I have also converted one marine to carry a combat knife rather than a chain sword.

Stay tuned as I paint these guys up.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Ogre Hut - Terrain - Finished

Painting the Ogre hut began as with most of my terrain projects with a primer of black spray, followed by a base colour of leather brown for the hides and a darker brown for the fur roof.

I then drybrushed the hides with a lighter brown, then a final drybrush of Bleached Bone.

The fur was drybrushed several shades of brown, with a sandy yellow to add highlights, some patches were done in shades of grey for variety, representing different animal furs.

Next was to apply some washes to the hides, mostly flesh wash and agrax earth shades.

Lastly I completed the base with my ground black pepper and herb technique and did some more shading with washes to blend everything in.

I am very happy with the way this piece turned out.